Granite Countertop Cleaning

Over time, dirt and grime can change the look of your surfaces. Build-up may cause damage as well. If you want to improve appearance and prevent future problems, you want professional cleaning. Ease professional countertop cleaners clean, seal, and maintain your granite countertops with amazing results. And they make every effort to make it easy for you!

Granite countertops are a refined addition to your kitchen’s unique style. However, they require work to get them looking their best. Like all investments, they need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep clean and avoid a loss of luster and shine. Ease Carpet Cleaning covers granite countertops, allowing your kitchen to look its best and with no hassle!

Why Professionally Clean Your Granite Countertops?

Professional cleaning promotes good health for your family and improves your kitchen’s appearance.

Our professional cleaners make getting your granite countertops clean and polished easy for you. Of course, we want our spaces looking their best. But we also want a clean that promotes home health and is safe. Our Granite Renewal process cleans deep and eliminates bacteria, dirt, and other residues. We use non-toxic and safe products so you don’t have to worry after we finish cleaning. Your countertops will be sealed as well, which will help protect from residue from permeating into the surface.

Do you wish your countertops looked the way they did when you first saw them? We can help get them there! There’s clean, and there’s Ease clean! Our clean means that we use our specialty knowledge, expertise, products, and methods to get your countertops looking their best. Unlike most off-the-shelf products, our cleaning and sealing products won’t leave a dull haze or film. We clean granite with ease!

Our Granite Countertop Renewal Process

We do Granite Renewal at Ease. This is a four step process that focuses on giving you a deep, safe clean. Plus, Ease always focuses on making it easy on you.

First, we deep clean and scrub. We use a specialty granite cleaning solution that removes embedded dirt, germs, and residue without adding more abrasiveness to the scrubbing. We do this because heavy scrubbing causes functional damage and dulls the surface. For deeply embedded grease or residue, we do our best to remove most of these contaminants from your surfaces.

Next, we remove additional residues. We use our Fine Residue Remover to do just that. This makes sure the surface is prepped for the last two steps.

Following this, we apply a penetrating sealer. Without this sealer, dirt, liquids, and other unwanted agents can seep into the surface. This can cause discoloration or, worse, a surface that stays unclean. This solution dries in three minutes and gives your granite additional protection.

Last, we apply our fantastic polish to give your granite countertops a luster and shine that will make them look like new!

Granite Countertops and More

Ease cleans just about any hard surface. We clean tile and grout, whether in your kitchen or your bathroom walls. Vertical or horizontal, Ease can clean it! For vertical surfaces, we use special tools and processes that clean without leaving a mess.

Ease Granite Countertop Cleaners

Our Granite Renewal Process has two goals: getting your surface clean and making it easy on you. Our countertop cleaning professionals have the experience and expertise to get the job done properly and with little interference to you. You’ll be glad you chose Ease to take care of all your hard surfaces!