Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

No carpet? No problem! Ease Carpet Cleaning hardwood floor cleaning services cleans and rejuvenates your hardwood floors. When Ease cleans, we not only focus on giving you the best clean but also on making it an easy and quick experience for you. Our professional cleaners use their years of experience, high-quality products, and top-of-the-line equipment to get your hardwood floors looking like new! We can take care of other types of flooring as well: Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), vinyl, laminate, and engineered hardwood. Ease expert floor cleaners know the right processes and products to get the job done right.

Best Products, Best Processes

Like most things in life, hardwood floors require quality maintenance to not only look their best but also to improve their longevity. We highlight this importance because regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs in the future. Our hardwood floor renewal process is two basic steps: the initial deep clean and following refinish. 

Our deep cleaning process focuses on removing dirt and residue from every inch of your flooring. For our deep clean, we use products specifically selected for your  floor. Most store products contain surfactants and acrylics that attract dirt buildup. That’s why we use products that we know and trust. For the initial clean, we emphasize the removal of grime, dust, dirt, hair, mud, and all other contaminants with safe products and the right equipment for the job. We know the importance of good indoor air quality and safety. Because of this, we use low odor, kid- and pet-safe products that dry quick. Like our carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, we also know the importance and benefits of low moisture methods. Our low moisture focus gives you back your floors in the quickest time possible. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that they’ll be dry and not susceptible to moisture damage or mold and bacteria growth. Also, your muscles will thank us later because there’s no need to move your furniture! 

Our final step is refinishing your floor. This gives your floor a uniform sheen of gloss or satin, making them look like new. We use a low volatile organic compound (VOC) product to refinish your floors so there’s less harmful fumes. This product restores and rejuvenates your floor by giving it a shine of satin or gloss. Satin finish gives your floors a deep shine that gives the room a darker, refined feel. Gloss shines bright, creating a welcoming, eye-catching look. Ease expertly matches the right finish for your floor. Whichever looks best, our expert floor cleaners use products that make your floor ready to use the same day, so you can get back to enjoying your lovely, clean home!

Ease Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We always want you to have an easy experience at Ease. Hardwood floors look best when they’re clean. Having them properly maintained gives you the peace of mind knowing they’ll last. Ease experts can take care of this for you: the deepest and safest hardwood floor cleaning your home deserves. Any kind of flooring, Ease Carpet Cleaning professionals can clean it!