Tile and Grout

Can you remember what your grout looked like when it was new? Do you remember how your tile used to shine? Ease Carpet Cleaning can help you remember by getting your tile and grout looking like new! If you need it clean, Ease can clean it!

Ease Deep Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ease Carpet Cleaning deep cleans your tile and grout, getting it to look like new. Like any other investment, tile and grout require regular cleaning and maintenance. While sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing work, they aren’t effective in getting a true clean. Ease tile and grout cleaning professionals deep clean these surfaces using the latest tools, equipment, and products. These products also protect against and actively resist stains. 

Clean Grout

Typically, grout is porous. Think of a sponge. If you use a sponge to soak up cranberry juice, the sponge turns red. If the cranberry juice stays there long enough, the sponge can carry that color for as long as you use it. Grout is more resistant than sponge, but you get the idea. Spills can cause your grout lines to turn brown or yellow or green or any other color that has soaked into it. Not only does this affect appearance but also affects your home health and indoor air quality because mold and mildew cause odors. They can also cause other serious problems. Overall, it means that you’re not getting the best clean when you scrub, which takes work and time. 

Ease can save you a backache with our effective tile and grout cleaning services. Our customized cleaning solution uses the proper pH and cleaning agents to get grout looking like new. Dirt, bacteria, mold, and mildew will be scrubbed away with a bright and residue-free shine!

ColorClad® Protection

Once your tile has had its deepest clean, Ease tile and grout cleaning professionals use ColorClad® to restore a uniform color to your tile’s grout. It restores color and protects and seals the surface, making it more difficult to stain. It has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means that it’s ecologically friendly and safe for you and your family. 

We use ColorClad® because it lives up to our standards of giving you a great look while protecting your surfaces from future problems. It’s the best durable clean. 

Along with this, ColorClad® can be matched to the color to your grout’s original color or give you a different look as it comes in a variety of colors to suit your space.

Oil Repellent

The five-dollar word for this is “oleophobic.” ColorClad® is the only truly oil repellent grout sealant. With a quick sweep, you can clean stains and spills from the surface quickly and with ease! Grout can become difficult to clean because oils attract dirt and grime. Oils seep into the grout, bringing with them all that residue. ColorClad® repels oil and makes cleaning easy!

Tile and Grout Made Easy

Thanks to amazing products, skilled knowledge, and the best tools and equipment, Ease Carpet Cleaning can effectively deep clean your tile and grout. Sealants degrade over time and cleanings, but regular maintenance can ensure that your tile’s grout stays repellant. We all want a deep clean that stays clean for a long time. Ease tile and grout experts know how to do just that!