Upholstery Cleaning

Tired of flipping over couch cushions? We’ve all been there, especially in a pinch! 

Maybe there’s a stain that’s been bugging you or a smell you just can’t get rid of or it’s time to freshen up your space. Upholstery can be hard to clean. It takes time and energy. Ease professional upholstery cleaners can get the job done and get it done right! 

Upholstery Easily Cleaned

Ease Carpet Cleaning focuses on giving you quick, friendly, and easy service with the best and safest clean to help make your home clean and healthy! This includes the hardest items to clean in your home. Furniture can be difficult to do well because of odd angles, coloration, and fabric or covering material. Also, a good clean requires extended time bending and reaching. It can be a pain if you lack the proper tools or knowledge. Our professional upholstery cleaners can get the results you need and with ease.

Upholstery Cleaning Benefits

Sight, smell, and health are the three main benefits of a good upholstery cleaning. 

First, we want your furniture looking its best. Hair, lint, stains, and other foreign material can be eyesores. Not only this but they can be difficult or even frustrating to remove. Plus, with stains, you have to worry about discoloration. The wrong solution can cause permanent fabric or material damage making the stain even more unsightly. Ease upholstery cleaners make sure they choose the right tools and products for your upholstery. They deep clean the furniture material and work to avoid discoloration, saving you the worry and the work. 

Second, furniture use by people and pets can bring odors to your upholstery over time. Odors can make the most comfortable spot unpleasant to be in. Upholstery cleaning freshens up your furniture, giving it a lively, clean scent. Smellt is often considered the strongest human sense. Ease can help get it smelling its best!

Lastly, hair and dander can get trapped in furniture coverings. These can be irritants to people with health issues. They can cause discomfort. Anyone suffering from allergies can attest that breathing problems and itchy eyes and skin are frustrating symptoms. Our upholstery cleaning can clean and sanitize your furniture and decrease allergens in your home. Plus, we make sure we use quick-drying methods so that the material doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Bacteria and mold growth not only can carry a musty smell, but also can be bad for your health. Our methods support home health and are there to help you worry about one less thing.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our professional upholstery cleaners give your upholstery the best and most thorough clean in the quickest time possible. Like our carpet cleaning process, we work hard to give you a detailed clean while setting your mind at ease! For upholstery cleaning, we gather information about your furniture then set about the cleaning process based on these conditions. 

After this step, we dry brush and vacuum every inch of your furniture. This allows us to not only remove loose materials, such as pet hair and lint, but also get an even closer inspection of the project. Following this step, we use our pre-treatment solution to eliminate any stains and freshen up the furniture. Next comes agitation, where we use our high-quality tools to deep clean the fabric or upholstery material. Lastly, we use low-moisture hot water extraction to finish off the clean and rinse the solution from the upholstery material. This process focuses on getting your furniture deep cleaned and dried quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home!

Ease Upholstery Cleaning

Ease Carpet Cleaning can clean your upholstery. We use our experience, expertise, and top-of-the-line equipment to make sure you have amazing results with the easiest experience possible. Help clean those stains, remove those odors, and liven up your home health with our services!