VCT Care

You want your businesses to look great. Ease Carpet Cleaning can help with that! 

A clean business environment conveys a degree of professionalism, welcome, and care that your customers will notice and appreciate. Not to forget, you and your employees will feel comfortable and great in your spaces. More than likely, the floor in your business is vinyl composition tile (VCT) because it’s durable and low maintenance. With proper cleaning, it looks great and lasts. Ease Carpet Cleaning is fantastic at performing VCT care. And we’re your best choice to maximize its look and longevity.

Why Ease for VCT?

Ease Carpet Cleaning takes care of your commercial needs by providing you with the same easy, quick, and friendly service that we provide for your home. Our VCT cleaning experts are knowledgeable and use the best products and equipment to clean your workspaces. Let’s go over some of the reasons why you should perform VCT care on a regular basis.

Though scratch and stain resistant, VCT needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Think about how many people use your entry ways, and their paths through your business. Heavy foot traffic wears down the finish of your flooring. Certain types of shoes can leave marks and scuffs. Eventually, heavy foot traffic and a lack of VCT care can cause the floor to wear, chip, peel, and ultimately be destroyed, exposing whatever flooring is underneath. Not to mention that any liquid that spills in the space can soak into the material below and cause massive problems later. It will be expensive to fix and replace. Plus, this kind of damage will be an eyesore to you and your customers! Let’s avoid that.

Ease Carpet Cleaning deep cleans your work environment with amazing results! First, we’ll clean the entire area. Basic sweeping and dust mopping can remove any soil or dirt in the area. 

Next, we use a damp mop or auto-scrub with a neutral cleaner to remove any dirt or gunk. We’ll assess and address problem areas during this time. Our experts will recommend the best course of action that’s focused on getting your floors looking great and that’s cost-effective. We can assess where you need rugs and mats for heavy-use walkways and clean those too! 

Last, we’ll strip the floor and recoat with our excellent VCT coat refinish. Depending on how much traffic you get, we’ll apply three to five layers of protective finish. This minimizes potential damage from foot traffic and embedded soils. Regular refinishing increases the appearance and longevity of your floors, saving you money in the long run.

Ease Carpet Cleaning: The Easy Choice for Commercial Cleaning Needs

We work hard to set your mind at Ease! Every step of the process is focused on making it easy for you. From calling to make an appointment to doing a quick and thorough clean with minimal effect on your workday, our professional VCT cleaners have the expertise and experience to get your spaces looking their best and at the best price.